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Times tables are the most important tool in a child’s numeracy ability


This revolutionary, high quality, new times tables system is unlike anything else available today. We are 27th in the World numeracy league tables because most children do not know their times tables. This 380 piece times tables set will quickly and effectively solve your child’s problems. It contains all the times tables and when using it you will soon realise this unique system has been carefully thought out and developed. There are many variations for children of all ages and abilities to learn their times tables easily without the need for computer games, writing anything down or boring chanting!

Times Tables

Larger Groups

Small Groups


A unique system for learning times tables

Parental use at home with one-to-one

Small school groups, friends, special needs departments

Whole class activity for up to 30 children

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This is truly unbelievable and hard to put into words!

Sent by Marie “busy mum”

I don't very often do reviews but this really does deserve a lot of credit, I have 8 children all with different abilities including one with special needs and 2 with dyslexia and dyscalulia and have tried everything to learn times tables but nothing has helped, until now! This is truly unbelievable and hard to put into words just how much of a difference this has made as its been a benefit to all of us and the best thing is they enjoy it the children ask to play it before we even get back home from school! Their teachers have also noticed a difference in less than a month, so I had to share the secret and they love it so much that I’ve been asked to send it in every week and have 3 schools asking to borrow it again and again so I’ve now been told they will soon buy their own copies! In fact I believe every school and parent should have a copy, I wish I knew about this years ago!



A simple idea, smacking of genius!

Sent by Old Grumpy


When I first opened the box, I thought, "Well that is awfully simple for the money!"......... But I am an open-minded guy. After all, I bought it for my youngest grandson's 4th birthday.


When he opened it, one of his "aunties", who has a daughter with behavioural problems, impeding her progress, was immediately impressed, so I have ordered one for her.


Meanwhile, as I write this revue, my grandson has just completed his 4 times table!....... (I told his dad his mission is to take the boy to his 12 times table before he starts infants in September)........ and, do you know? I think the mission will be accomplished!


The lad loves it!......... and I think the "game" is a work of genius!



Great discovery!

Sent by S Eames Primary School Teacher


The 'Know your Times Tables' game has been an inspiration for the children in my class. Children of all abilities have enjoyed playing the game, especially when they can compete against each other and also to improve on their times to complete a table. It is clear that the children have improved their rapid recall already.

We are planning to use this game to have a Times Table competition within the class next Tuesday. We can have three games running at a time on different times tables using the additional strips you can buy in addition to the set in the standard box. I look forward to trying out the division variation with the more able children.


I would recommend this product for children aged 6-12 years old supported by parents, grandparents, older siblings,teachers and tutors. My Maths Co-ordinator is considering buying further sets of this game when we have had chance to decide how the whole school can best use this product. This is the best way I have seen so far for children to learn their tables!



Thank God we found this!

Sent by Dee


My autistic daughter who is in year 3 in a mainstream school struggles in her maths. When children in her class were awarded with badges for knowing their times-tables, it was so sad to see her not being able to get a single one of them. I searched through the web to find away to teach her times-tables. I tried many other methods like chanting and singing but she was not able to retain what she has learnt. After reading the reviews regarding the "Know your Times Table" system, I decided to buy one.


She liked it very much from the beginning. It was very easy to get her attention and keep her focused. To my surprise and her teachers she learnt all her tables from 2 -12, within a month. This has certainly given a boost to her confidence and she has such pride in her abilities. I have also ordered the division strips and followed the method as well. Now she is able to do mental division as well.



Brilliant Game!

Sent by Mr William Clewlow


Highly recommend it. Bought it in the hope it would help our 9yr old grandson who has dyspraxia. He had become very anxious that he was struggling to learn his times tables. He loves this game. He finds it fun and he's learning his tables quickly. It has given him great confidence. We are really grateful to you!



My kids love this game!

Sent by Louise Thomas, Wrexham

I home educate my children, both have hated the traditional way of teaching the times tables and due to this had not learnt past the basics.
I am very impressed and I have also spoken to the creator over the phone and he is extremely helpful and I strongly encourage everyone to call him if you have any problems or just to ask for more ideas on how to use this system in other ways.


Buy it!

Sent by Di

I bought this for my 9 year old daughter and it has really helped her learn her tables, but perhaps most important of all it is a fun way of learning. I contacted the maker of this product to purchase some extra strips, he was super helpful and gave me lots of extra tips and suggestions.
Highly recommend this product and great aftercare service.

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